Bird Woman, Sacajawea

Bird Woman, Sacajawea is a magical-realism historical dramatization series based on the Lewis and Clark Native American guide, Sacajawea. Bird Woman discovers her supernatural shape-shifting powers as, part Woman and part Eagle discovering her full powers and her fierce destiny on this voyage.


Directed by Lynn Rogoff

Lynn Rogoff, http://bit.ly/RogoffWikipedia, is the founder and CEO of Amerikids Productions. As a pioneer, Amerikids is at the confluence of media with groundbreaking film, television, AI multimedia content, games, and theatre. Amerikids Productions celebrates the unheralded voices. https://bit.ly/homeamerikids.

Rogoff’s work is influential in introducing American history, social causes, and culture in a number of mediums. She works as a writer, director, producer, and professor.

Amerikids (www.amerikids.com) Pony Express Rider Game takes place during the civil war, https://bit.ly/Ponyexpressrider launched a new division of McGraw-Hill with Rogoff’s $1.5M game.

Rogoff won a WGA Nomination for No Maps on My Taps, capturing the black tap dancer’s contribution to American history. Rogoff directed the filmed concert performance at Small’s Paradise, receiving two Emmy Awards, aired on PBS for years, and recently aired on Turner Classic Movies.

She was a Writers Guild of America Foundation Fellow, dramatizing 20th C icons in “Love, Ben Love, Emma” based on Emma Goldman & Dr. Ben Reitman, Lucille Lortel originally produced her play at the White Barn Theatre in Westport, CT.

She is now producing the shape-shifting Bird Woman drama based on the Lewis and Clark Native American guide, Sacajawea. Bird Woman®, a magical realism drama series discovers her supernatural shape-shifting powers as, part Woman and part Eagle. She fights alongside the Expeditioners through gruesome starvation, bitter blizzards, and connects with myriad tribes.

Presently, Lynn works as an Adjunct Professor at the NY Institute of Technology. Amerikids’ Endanger Game series, https://bit.ly/GKMEndanger, to capture poachers and save endangered animals is developed for VR, Mobile, and PC.

Rogoff has her MFA in Theatre Directing, from NYU, School Of the Arts.


Lynn Rogoff


Lynn Rogoff


Lynn Rogoff


Kevin Snider, Ben G. Goss, Elizabeth Diedrick

Music Producer

Daniel Two Feathers

Digital Supervisor

Kevin Snider

Key Cast

Sera Lys Mc Arthur, Daniel Two Feathers, Irma La Guerre, Trazana Beverley, Simon Johns, Kenneth Bryant, Brian Hills, Jack Berenholtz

Director Statement

After 215 years, Sacajawea is still a seminal figure in Indigenous & Non-Indigenous history. It is important her story be told to a new generation in a modern format from the Native American perspective. The indigenous community has never been able to tell her story the way the elders have passed it down over generations. There are multiple tribal nations participating in this production as producers, actors, & composers, historians, elders and consultants.

The global audience needs true, heroic, young women who overcome tremendous odds to become a legend for over two centuries. Bird Woman discovers her extraordinary powers as a shape-shifting Eagle. Bird Woman frees herself from her abuser & kidnapper to become an ageless, inspirational elder & a peacemaker between the white man & the tribes. “Bird Woman, Sacajawea” reveals how Sacajawea makes heart-wrenching choices for herself, her tribe & her infant Pomp’s future, while her beliefs & powers transform the Expedition and can transform America.



March 1st – March 8th

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