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DOCUMENTARY SHORT | United States | 10 MINUTES | English

Medicine and Obligations

The documentary is about Indigenous students grappling with the obligations of college at Northern Arizona University (NAU), while maintaining traditional practices that are integral to health and traditional medicine. The students point out the hypocrisy of NAU claiming to be the leading university serving Indigenous students, while contributing to cultural erasure and cultural genocide.


Directed by Tinia Witherspoon

Tinia Witherspoon is Diné from the Hardrock Chapter community on the Navajo Nation. Tinia is studying psychology and film, while working to empower Indigenous community voices. Utilizing film resources is Tinia’s way of educating herself, while staying connected to Indigenous teachings. Walking in two different worlds that combat each other, while creating media justice in Indigenous media deserts is Tinia’s ultimate goal.


Tinia Witherspoon


Tinia Witherspoon, Rebecca Chee, Hawthrone Dukepoo, Tyrrell Tapaha

On Sale March 5th
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