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Nu Ulew (My homeland)

Farm worker Pablo Nimamac works five to seven months a year on a vegetable farm in Quebec since 2008. The rest of the year, he runs his family’s strawberry farm in Guatemala, which he has been able to expand with the fruits of his labor abroad. Proud of his Mayan Kaqchikel origins, Pablo welcomes us to his home to introduce us to the family he leaves behind year after year and tell us what it means for him to share his life between Guatemala and Canada.


Directed by Karla Meza

Karla Meza is a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker based in Montreal. She began directing and producing documentary films in 2019 while reporting on issues related to forced migration and challenges faced by marginalized communities as an independent journalist. In 2021, thanks to a Netflix scholarship, she enrolled in the Institut national de l’image et du son (INIS) documentary filmmaking program, from which she graduated in March 2022. She is currently working in her next short documentary as well as a documentary series that she aims to produce in 2023.


Karla Meza


Karla Meza


Andrea Henriquez, David Cherniak


Alvaro Ruiz Mayagoitia, Thierry Gauthier, Robin Legros

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