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DOCUMENTARY SHORT | United States | 7 MINUTES | English

Pomo Land Back: a Prayer From the Forest

Created in collaboration with the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians, POMO LAND BACK: A Prayer from the Forest aims to honor the vital movement towards indigenous-led stewardship and rematriation of California forest lands. The film is a visceral, poetic document of an alliance-building, inter-tribal gathering in February 2022, led by the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians, calling for protection and co-management of the 48,652 acre Jackson Demonstration State Forest.


Directed by Evan-Marie Petit

Evan-Marie Petit is a visual storyteller & filmmaker that hails from the red earth of her ancestors, the Georgia Band of Eastern Cherokee.

Her collaborative process is driven by the desire to rewrite the visual histories of indigenous peoples and ecologies beyond the colonial lens. To re-remember and revive the strands of deep knowledge and kinship that have been previously unraveled by extractive culture. Through her photography and filmmaking, she documents stories of the often-overlooked corners of humanity and our more than human kin, with the belief that amplifying these stories and the inherent wisdom contained within is vital to creating new paradigms for the culture at large.

“To be an ethical storyteller in this modern era, it’s essential that we honor the old stories and deep, land-based ecological knowledge to decolonize the lens and narratives as we move forward visioning revolutionary futures.”


Evan-Marie Petit


Evan-Marie Petit, Michael Hunter, Louis Fox


Michael Hunter, Pricilla Hunter


Cristina Valverde, Louis Fox

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