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DOCUMENTARY SHORT | United States | 9 MINUTES | English

THEIR LAST RIDE – the final journey

Horses are sacred animals, gifts from our creator – yet today they are being hauled to places they were never meant to be. Their Last Ride – the final journey, is a story of a group of young, healthy horses on their final journey.


Directed by Neta Rhyne

Neta Rhyne is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, direct descendent of the ‘Trail Of Tears’, award winning writer, director, producer. Through her Cherokee heritage Neta holds a strong spiritual bond with horses and has a deep rooted connection to Mother Earth. With focus on important environmental issues and the many hardships wild and domestic horses face today, Neta’s award winning films have garnered the attention of audiences world wide.

Today Neta continues to be a tireless advocate for the wild and domestic horses and stays active in her mission to help protect and save a series of 11,000 year old artesian springs located in the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas now in danger of disappearing possibly forever!


Neta Rhyne


Neta Rhyne, Darrel Rhyne, Susan Oliver


Neta Rhyne


Gareth Laffely


Gareth Laffely

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