Festival Premiere

DOCUMENTARY SHORT | United States | 36 MINUTES | English

We Dance for Life

Pima’tisowin e’ mimtotaman – Danser Pour la Vie – We Dance for Life details the healing journeys of Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Trans and Two Spirit Peoples across Turtle Island. Through land and art-based gatherings Pima’tisowin e’ mimtotaman brought Families and survivors together, sparking intergenerational healing and answering calls from the Spirits of their loved ones to “continue the dance of life”. This short documentary is a radical honouring of the lives of MMIWGT2S+ and an example of the power which Families and Survivors hold in their healing journey.


Directed by Georgia Lightning


Georgia Lightning


Meggie Cywink, Catherine Rhinelander


Peter Beaucage, Nora Rhinelander, Marjorie Icebound, Gloria Oshkabiwisens-McGregor, Shirley Oliver, Andrea Mae Jackson, Louise Williams, Naomi Abottossaway, Nala Toulouse, Lisa Gibson, Brice Gibson, Allix Gibson, Micheline Anicinapeo, Denise General, Esther Osche, Shannon Chief, Gzaagidwin Anishinaabe, Rhonda Johnson, Leland Bell, Tristen Sanderson

On Sale March 5th
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